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Kathleen offers workshops for beginning writers of fiction and non-fiction, fiction writers in general, readers, and sailors on the following topics:

For beginning writers:

How to Get Published (Fiction and Non-fiction)-
Information about the writing business that every writer who hopes to be published needs to know. Kathleen will provide answers to the questions: What is a query letter and how do I write one? Where should I send my work? What should I send? How do I write a synopsis? What is a proposal? Do I need an agent? Plus many tips to increase your chances of seeing your fiction and non-fiction in print.
This workshop is suitable as a library offering, adult continuing education class, or for writing groups.
Handout provided.
Time to present: one to two hours to fit you're schedule.

How to Write a Dynamite Query Letter -
Your letter of inquiry to an editor or agent must grab their attention and showcase your work. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn the essential elements of a dazzling query and receive a critique of a letter you craft in class or send to Kathleen afterward.
This workshop is suitable as a library offering, adult continuing education class, or for writing groups. Time: one hour or longer to fit your schedule.
Beginning writers can also benefit from any of the workshops listed below.

For writers:

Sell it With Dazzling Dialogue! -
Don't make the mistake of believing that the dialogue in a novel is the same thing as every day conversation. Conversation is casual and often vague. Dialogue is the words your characters speak to show us who they are and keep a story moving. A third or more of the average book is dialogue. Using the methods Kathleen teaches, you can make sure your dialogue shines. And when you can dazzle an editor with your dialogue, you're chances of publication will improve dramatically.
Topics covered in this workshop include: the nine functions of dialogue, words to leave out, he said/she said, the -ly trap, how to keep your readers reading, and how to show personality with a character's words.
This workshop is suitable for writers of all genres, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Handout provided.
Time to present: one hour or two hours (as requested)

Tricks of the Happy Hookers
Successful books hook readers early and often, frequently starting on line one. And successful authors know when and where to place additional hooks to keep readers turning pages.
This workshop will discuss great beginnings, the qualities of a good narrative hook, why to hook, where hooks should be placed in a story, and the techniques an author can use to grab a reader's interest and make him or her keep reading.
Samples of successful first lines will illustrate the power of narrative hooks.
This workshop is suitable for both beginning and advanced writers. Handout provided.
Time to present: one hour

From Bahamas to Bookshelf: Building a Suspense Novel
Using specific examples from her latest romantic suspense novels, Kathleen will discuss:
How a story idea is built into a suspense plot, how characters are chosen to populate a novel, the techniques writers employ to build suspense, why the most exciting books have strong villains, and why, in our favorite books, good triumphs over evil.
This workshop is suitable for writers and readers. When customized for readers, this workshop can include an overview of the publishing process. Time to present: one hour.

Plot and Structure: The Essential Bones of Your Story -
A great plot keeps readers turning pages and editors offering contracts. In this workshop, Kathleen will explain plot and three-act structure and help you develop your ideas into compelling short stories or novels.
Topics include: The essential elements of plot, the steps in a mythical hero's journey, writing in scenes, outlining with plot points and turning points, and mining the magic of character arcs. Learn how to build to a climax or black moment, weave in subplots, write to genre requirements, and give your reader a satisfying ending.
This workshop is suitable for beginning and intermediate fiction writers. Handout provided.
Time to present: one hour

Public Speaking and Promotion for Introverts -
Learn strategies to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and public appearances so you can reap the benefits of in-person promotion.
Topics include: Why promotion is vital for every aspiring writer, how to identify your personal comfort zone, planning your attack, the value of baby steps, and tips for confidently facing your public as a speaker or as the featured author at a book signing.
This workshop is suitable for aspiring writers, as well as, veteran writers. Time to present: one hour.

For readers:

The Journey from Idea to Published Novel -
Ever wonder how a glimmer of an idea in the authors mind grows into a published book? Find out the inside story of how an author expands her idea into a plot, finds the characters to live in the text, writes her story, markets her book to a publisher, survives the editing process, and finally sees her book in print.
This presentation is suitable for library programs, book clubs, senior citizen groups, plus everyone curious about the publishing industry. Time: forty-five minutes to one hour.

Panel Discussion -
Kathleen and two other authors with varied publishing backgrounds will discuss the writing life, how they became published, and their books. After a ten to fifteen minute introduction by each author, the audience will be encouraged to ask questions and join in a discussion on their choice of topics.
As an alternative, the sponsoring organization may request the discussion focus on one particular topic.
This presentation is suitable for library programs, book clubs, civic groups, senior citizen groups, plus everyone who loves to read. Time: flexible, approx. one hour.

Also for readers, please see above: From Bahamas to Bookshelf: Building a Suspense Novel

For sailors:

Topics as requested.
Kathleen has lived aboard a sailing yacht and cruised the waters of the U.S. East Coast, the Caribbean, and Venezuela for over twenty years. She has a U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License. She and her husband designed and built their current boat, a sleek, 55-foot ketch. Her non-fiction articles have appeared in national and regional sailing and travel magazines.
She would be happy to speak about how cruising in the Bahamas and Virgin Islands sparked the ideas that grew into the plots for her published books, sailboat design, breaking free and living your dreams, earning cruising money by writing about your travels, retiring on a boat, and a wealth of other topics.


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