Deadly Paradise River of Fear Sins of Her Father

Kathleen Mix

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Sins of Her Father

Someone had to make him pay....

Faith Rochambeau is horrified to learn she was conceived during a rape. She’s determined to make her biological father, Victor Telemann, pay for his crimes. Using her computer skills to dig into his life, she searches for the powerful man’s Achilles Heel and a way to extract retribution. She’ll do whatever it takes to get a conviction, even it if means infiltrating his Fortune 500 company.

She fails to plan on falling in love with her father’s smooth-talking stepson, Kent Telemann, who suspects she is a corporate spy. Faith is drawn to Kent, even though she’s not sure she can trust him. If her heart is wrong, he can put her life in danger.

Meanwhile, her father is playing a lethal game he’s determined to win.


     Humiliation made her throat go dry, and her words
erupted in a croak. “You mean you asked me out because
of him?”
     His expression was stoic. “Originally.”
     Sadness crept into her bones. Nothing about him had
been real. “And that was the real reason for neglecting to
tell me your name.”
     He watched her keenly. Nodded.
     “Did he tell you to sleep with me too?” Her chest ached
with a desperate need to dissolve into tears. He’d used her,
and she’d been too naïve to recognize his smooth talk as the
come-on of a playboy. “Did you give him a full report? Did
you both have a good laugh?”
     “My reasons for seeing you changed long before we slept
together. I told Victor I didn’t think you were a corporate
spy. That’s the only subject we discussed.”
     It was all she could do to keep from bolting for the
bathroom and barricading the door. She’d been a fool in so
many ways. Using him had been part of her plan, but she’d
never suspected he might be playing the same game.
     Her world deflated. Kent was only the visible symbol of
her naïveté. All her efforts to be covert were laughable. If
Victor suspected her of subterfuge, she’d never accomplish
what she’d come here to do. She might as well pack up Josie’s clothes and go home.
     “You didn’t answer my question,” he said. “Are you up
to something?”
     Under his calmly spoken words, she sensed bubbling
anger. Unable to gauge how long she could equivocate
without causing a blowup, she wrapped her arms around her
midsection and felt her way carefully. “What if I am, but it’s
something unrelated to Emmeline’s? Something personal
between me and Victor.”
     Hurt flickered in his eyes before he quickly masked his
emotions and gave her a stiff smile. “I didn’t think you were
his type.”
     Her chest tightened. She caught her bottom lip between
her teeth. Everything was getting twisted and out-of-hand.
She didn’t want him to think she was attracted to Victor, and
he didn’t seem like a bad person. Maybe she should stop
assuming the worst about him and cut him some slack. She’d
misled him too, pretended to be Josie for good reason, but
now, if Victor suspected her, continuing to lie to Kent might
serve no purpose.
     Could she tell him the truth, believe he was no friend of
Victor’s, and trust him to keep her secret? 

"An awesome book." - Book Haven

" engaging plot that will keep you turning pages just as quickly as possible." - Linda Quick

"This book had every kind of emotion as well as intrigue, suspense, a little hot sexual action and most of all a wonderfully structured story." - Kathryn Deguara of The Book Nuts Reviewers

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