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Kathleen Mix

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Impossible Ransom

The one man she hates is the only one who can save her....

Working as part of a yacht crew sounded like the perfect escape
for senator’s daughter Val Ferrell. Glorious Caribbean beaches,
turquoise seas, and freedom from her overbearing father?

But when the ship is hijacked by violent men—who want to use Val to get to her father—Val’s fantasy turns into a nightmare. Now her only hope is the ship’s captain, who happens to be her ex-lover.

After disobeying an order, covert operative Nick O’Shea’s been assigned yacht captain duty. Working side-by-side with the tiny blonde who makes him crazy—and keeping his hands off her—was definitely punishment. But when Val’s life is endangered, Nick must choose between staying aboard and fighting to retake the boat or risking their lives by attempting an escape to an isolated Caribbean island.

With the ransom deadline rapidly approaching, he’s running out of time...


Nick recognized Val’s slim silhouette as she walked toward him. He felt a wash of relief to see her unharmed, but couldn’t shake the leftover anger caused by her lies. She stopped near the wheel and handed him a paper plate holding a quartered sandwich. The scent of strawberry shampoo sweetened the air.

He took the plate, and their fingers touched for half an instant. Awareness raced through every cell in his body, and he knew that despite the fact that she was unattainable and he wanted to think he didn’t care, she still affected him like no woman ever had before. If he let down his guard around her at all, his emotions could be in deep trouble.

She motioned toward the sandwich. “Kanon said you could have this. Sorry it’s only one and only jelly.”

He stopped himself from lingering in thoughts irrelevant to the moment. “Thanks. I appreciate your asking.” His stomach rumbled with the promise of food. “I haven’t had anything solid to eat since a stale bagel early yesterday.”

“How’s your head?” she asked. “When you fell…I was worried.”

He touched the back of his skull and smothered a wince. “I’ll be fine, it’s just a little bump. Are you okay?”

She pulled in a shaky breath. He tilted his head to look closer. Was that a bruise forming on her cheek? His blood heated. “Did one of them hit you?”

“I mouthed off, and Kanon didn’t like my comments.” She raised a hand and rubbed the side of her chin. “I guess it was stupid to needle him. I found out he gets mean when he’s mad.”

Anger boiled in Nick’s bloodstream, and he fisted his free hand at his side. When he got hold of the man who’d hurt her, he’d teach him not to attack defenseless women, make it clear that he’d kill anyone who ever dared lay a hand on her again.

He fought off the blinding bonfire of rage and managed to refocus on their overall situation. “You need to be careful, Val. Promise me you won’t provoke him again.”

“I’ll hold my tongue, but I won’t be a meek little victim. I’m going to fight back.”

He glanced around and saw the young guy, Morales, watching them from the companionway. He lowered his voice. “How long did they give your father to pay your ransom?”          

“Noon Monday. Five days.”

“I’ll get you away from these guys before then. Hang tight, okay?”

“Come on. Back below,” Morales said.

Val reached out, squeezed Nick’s arm, and gave him a brave smile. “Don’t worry about me. I’m working on a plan.”

Her self-assurance and positive attitude reminded him of why he’d been drawn to her so strongly the night they’d met. Her soft touch warmed his skin. He inhaled her unique scent and had an urge to sweep her into his arms. The voice of reason whispered in his ear. Don’t be a fool. Forget about everything but keeping her alive.

Release March 7th.

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